Green Pantry

Green Pantry foods reflect the natural diet of the dog which is meat, part digested carbohydrate and vegetable matter from its prey and a range of foraged seeds, berries roots and herbs. All nutrients in our foods, including vitamins and pro-vitamins, are inherent in the raw materials. They are made from whole British Farmed ingredients, meat, properly balanced carbohydrates, vegetables and herbage. This means that, unlike many modern pet foods, they can be properly and safely digested.

  • Green Pantry Trout
  • Green Pantry Duck
  • Green Pantry Chicken
  • Green Pantry Mobility
  • Green Pantry Oral Health
  • Green Pantry Lamb
  • Green Pantry Turkey
  • Green Pantry Chicken
  • Green Pantry Grain Free British Chicken
  • Green Pantry Trout & Salmon with Vegetables

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